The procedure to handle appeals and complaints

1. Handling of appeals against DC-ARoENd decisions:

It is the responsibility of the Board of Appeal, part of CD-DC-AroENd, consisting of 3 persons, with competencies in the field of certification, elected by the General Assembly of ARoENd. The members of the Appeals Commission are not part of the Steering Committee of the Certification Department. Calls are processed according to the PSC 05 system procedure and the PL-06 working procedure.

2. If the presentation at the qualification and certification examination is refused to the applicant or there is refused an extension of the period of validity by renewal or recertification, the applicant may submit a written complaint against the decisions of the DC. The complaint is submitted to the DC-ARoENd secretariat, to the attention of the Board of Appeal. Each complaint shall be accompanied (as appropriate) by the written communication received by the applicant, informing him of the reason for the sanction or non-admission to the examination.

3. The Board of Appeal shall deal with the complaint within 15 days, take the decision by a majority of votes and shall communicate it to the CD-DC-ARoENd.

4. The decision of the Board of Appeal shall be final and communicated to the petitioner by the CD-DC-ARoENd within 15 days from the date of its issuance by the Board of Appeal.

5. CD-DC-ARoENd handles recorded calls whenever necessary, and establishes corrective measures and / or corrective / preventive actions, in order to minimize the consequences of possible non-compliances, to prevent their recurrence and evaluate the effectiveness of corrective / preventive actions, in order to continuously improve the certification process. The Board of Appeal emphasizes the importance of impartiality in the activity of handling and resolving appeals, without the possibility of discriminatory actions against the appellant.

6. Complaints against DC – AroENd

Complaints shall be made in writing to the attention of the DC Director (or his / her Deputy, if the DC Director has been involved in the subject of the complaint), shall be filed and registered at the DC-AroENd Secretariat.

The management of DC – AroENd analyzes and resolves within 15 days any complaints against DC, such as: incorrect organization of exams, failure to ensure impartiality, invalidation of certification, etc. The analysis is impartial and constructive, without the possibility of discriminatory action against the applicant. The confidentiality requirements regarding the complainant and the subject of the complaint will be respected.

After verifying all the necessary information, the solutions of the complaints will be communicated in writing to the petitioners within a maximum of 30 days from the date of filing the complaint.

7. Complaints against certified persons

If a person holding a certificate of competency issued by DC-ARoENd misuses the certificate, as provided in point 10, after verifying the information, the certificate shall be withdrawn.

The certificate is invalid.

Complaints in the case of certified persons are made by DC-ARoENd staff, following the verifications performed for the purpose of supervising the staff, in case of finding deviations by third parties or by the employer of the certified person.

Complaints against certified persons shall be made in writing, filed and registered at DC-ARoENd Secretariat for the attention of the DC Director (or his / her Deputy, if the DC Director has been involved in the subject of the complaint).

PE declares the certificate invalid or does not grant renewal or recertification, only after this decision has been voted by CD-DC-ARoENd.

The decision shall be notified in writing to the person concerned.