Procedure of certification

Certification assessment

Qualification and certification of personnel for END according to the PL 01 procedure.

NDT personnel qualification and certification procedure is performed according to PL 01. To qualify, each applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • applicants applying for NDT qualification must be at least secondary school graduates;
  • to meet the requirements regarding the training;
  • to have industrial experience in the field END;
  • to have adequate visual acuity;
  • to pass the qualification exam.

In order to sustain the qualification exam, the candidate must submit to the DC-ARoENd Secretariat a dossier with the following documents:

  • an application (form F 05);
  • a copy of the studies diploma;
  • the graduation certificate afferent to an NDT course, for the method and level for which the certification is requested (courses approved by the DC – ARoENd) and developed in recognized Training Centers according to the procedure code PL 04 or meet the requirements of referential (acc.;
  • industrial experience in NDT certificate issued by the employer;
  • proof of adequate visual acuity;
  • a copy of the birth certificate;
  • a copy of the marriage certificate (for women);
  • a copy of the identity document;
  • 2 color photos 3/4

People who support a qualifying examination shall be notified in good time by the DC-ARoENd Secretariat, concerning the place, date and time when are carried out qualification exam.


Certification of NDT personnel is carried out in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9712: 2013 provided in PL01 procedure “The qualification and certification by DC-ARoENd personnel performing nondestructive testing”.

With the approval of the Board of Directors of DC-ARoENd can be achieved certifications complying with other standards.

DC-ARoENd performs certifications for the following methods:

  • ultrasonic testing – UT
  • penetrating radiation testing – RT
  • eddy current testing – ET
  • magnetic particle testing – MT
  • penetrant liquids testing – PT
  • visual testing – VT

OBS. It is possible to obtain and limited certification in a NDT method, applications using conventional techniques, for example: examination technique by magnetic flux leakage (FLT), determining brand concrete using ultrasound (USB) or applications restricted, for example automatic testing of the tubes by various methods (ET-a, MT-a, UT-a), determine the thickness by ultrasound (UT-g, sector WP), etc.



  • 1.castings (c) (ferrous and nonferrous materials);
  • 2.forgings (f) (all types of forgings, ferrous and nonferrous materials);
  • 3.welds (w) (all types of welds, including joints by soldering, for ferrous and nonferrous materials);
  • 4.pipes and tubes (t) (seamless, welded, ferrous and nonferrous materials, including flat products for the manufacture of welded pipes;
  • 5.drawn products (wp) except forgings (eg sheets, bars, rods).


  • 6.manufacturing;
  • 7.pre- and in-service testing which includes manufacturing;

Certification validity

The validity period of a certificate issued by DC-ARoENd is of 5 years from the date of certification.

After the expiration of the first validity period and then every 10 years, the certification can be renewed for another 5 year period. At the expiration of each second validity period, and thereafter every 10 years, can apply for recertification.