Quality policy statement

The Romanian Association of Non-destructive Testing – ARoENd – is a professional, independent and non-profit association.

ARoENd has its own operating status and is located in 7, Soldanului St., bl.137, sc.A, sector 4, 042042 Bucharest, fiscal code RO 6222677.

Since 1998 ARoENd developed an independent certification body for nondestructive testing’ personnel: “Certification Department”, abbreviated DC – ARoENd, with the same registered office.

The Steering Committee of ARoENd has established the policy of the Certification Department and has set the objectives to achieve in its activity:

  • DC – ARoENd has an administrative and organizational structure that meets the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17024.
  • The main objective of DC – ARoENd is to develop a scheme for certification of NDE personnel for all NDE methods required by industrial sector.
  • DC – ARoENd will not provide training or assistance for certification,in order to ensure a complete separation between the two activities, training and evaluation for certification.
  • DC – ARoENd will not condition the evaluation for the certification by training within ARoENd.
  • Both activities will not be published simultaneously in publications

The purpose of DC – ARoENd is achieved by:

  • ensuring impartiality and non-discrimination against any person requesting the certification or being certified, as well as with their own employees, at every stage of the certification process. This requirement is demonstrated by the structure of the DC Steering Committee, in which all stakeholders are represented. The organizational chart of the department offers all interested parties confidence in the competence, impartiality and integrity of the certification body;
  • ensuring an ethical, equitable activity, by applying reasonable financial conditions, acceptable to all categories of applicants;
  • defining, implementing and administering the operating procedures of the certification process, according to the requirements of the applicable standards, without hindering the access of any category of candidates, in the stages of granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, renewing the certification, suspending or withdrawing it
  • conditioning the maintenance of the certification by the regular supervision of the activity of the certified persons, in connection with their employers decision to work only in the certified fields and with the maintenance of a high level of specialized training;
  • promptly informing about any changes in the certification process;
  • ensuring the human, material and financial resources to carry out the certification activity in optimal conditions;
  • planning periodic analysis of the department activity and the achievement of the objectives, by monitoring and measuring the processes of the management system, in order to continuously improve its functioning;
  • maintaining continuous relationship with potential applicants, to take into account their explicit and implicit requirements, in order to develop the certification scheme with new fields and sectors, as well as for satisfying all the wishes of the interested parties;
  • ensuring an adequate level of competence and motivation for the personnel involved in the certification process and an adequate technical status for the related teaching equipment used in the process

As representative of Management at the highest level, I commit myself to support the development and the implementation of the quality management system, for the continuous improvement of its efficiency and for ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. I will ensure, by the policy of the Certification Department and by respecting the established procedures, the impartiality of the certification process for applicants, candidates or certified persons. Any conflict of interests or risk of impartiality, real or potential, will be identified, analyzed and eliminated or, at least, minimized. The Certification Body’s policy will be posted on the website and presented at the association’s symposiums.

Executive President