Quality policy statement

The Romanian Association of Non-Destructive Testing – ARoENd – is a professional, non-governmental, independent and non-profit association.

ARoENd has its own operating status and having the headquarters on Soldanului Street, no. 7, block 137, entrance A, 4th Apartment, District 4, Bucharest, fiscal code RO 6222677.

Within ARoENd, an Independent Certification Body for the personnel performing non-destructive tests, has been established and has been operating since 1998. It is called the CERTIFICATION DEPARTMENT – ARoENd, abbreviated DC – ARoENd, and has its registered office at the association.

The DC – ARoENd Steering Committee has defined the Certification Department ‘s policy and set out the objectives it aims to achieve in the coming years. The objective of DC is to develop an END staff Certification scheme, to maintain and extend it to all END methods required by the interested areas of the industry.

DC-ARoENd has an administrative and organizational structure that complies with the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17024. DC-ARoENd will not provide training or certification assistance, thus ensuring a clear separation between the two activities, training and assessment for certification. DC – ARoENd will not condition the assessment for the certification of training within ARoENd. Both activities will not be published simultaneously in the publications.

The purpose of DC – ARoENd will be achieved by:

  • ensuring impartiality and non-discrimination against any person requesting certification or who has been certified, as well as their own employees, at all stages of the certification process. This requirement is demonstrated by the structure of the Steering Committee, in which all interested parts are represented. The organization chart of the department gives all interested parts confidence in the competence, impartiality and integrity of the certification body;
  • ensuring an ethical, equitable activity, by using reasonable, non-exaggerated, acceptable financial conditions for all categories of applicants;
  • defining, implementing and administration of operating procedures of the certification process, according to the requirements of the applicable standards, without impeding the access of any category of candidates, within the stages of granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, renewing the certification, suspending or withdrawing it ;
  • conditioning the maintenance of the certification of the regular supervision of the activity of the certified persons, in connection with their use by the employers only in the certified fields and with the maintenance of a high level of specialized training;
  • informing the interested persons about any changes in the certification process;
  • ensuring the human, material and financial resources necessary for the development in optimal conditions of the certification activity;
  • periodic analysis of the department’s activity and achievement of the objectives, by monitoring and measuring the processes of the management system, in order to continuously improve its operation;
  • maintaining a continuous relationship with potential applicants, in order to know their explicit and implicit requirements, in order to develop the certification scheme with new domains and sectors of interest to customers, as well as to satisfy all the wishes of the interested parties;
  • ensuring an appropriate level of competence and motivation for the staff of the department involved in the certification process and an adequate technical condition for the related teaching material used in the process.

As a management representative at the highest level, I am committed to taking steps to develop and implement the quality management system, to continuously improve its efficiency and to ensure that our customers’ requirements are met. I will ensure the impartiality of the certification process towards applicants, candidates or persons certified by the Certification Department Policy and applicable procedures. Any conflict of interest or danger of impartiality, actual or potential, will be identified, analyzed and eliminated or minimized. The Certification Body policy will be made public by appearing on the ARoENd website and by distributing it at symposiums organized by the association.

I am committed to ensuring that the Quality Policy is rightful, implemented and maintained at all organizational levels of the certification body.

I undertake to ensure that certification is provided only to persons who demonstrate competence knowing that the certification of persons provides value by validating competence.

I am committed to ensuring the impartiality of the certification process towards applicants, candidates or certified persons, through a fair, valid and reliable assessment so as to provide confidence to the interested parts regarding competence, impartiality and integrity.

I undertake to ensure that any conflict of interest or danger of impartiality, real or potential, is identified, analysed and measures are taken, followed by elimination or minimization.

I am committed to ensuring that the balance between confidentiality and transparency is managed so that interested parts confidence and perceptions of the value of the certification process are not affected.

I am committed to ensuring the effective resolution of appeals and complaints, believing that they are an important means by which our organisation and the interested parts are protected from errors, omissions or unreasonable conduct.

I undertake to ensure, by conducting AEM meetings, the periodic review of the management system at planned intervals, or whenever necessary, to ensure that it remains appropriate, proper and effective.

I undertake to ensure that the Quality Policy is known to interested parties also by distributing it on the ARoENd website and at symposiums organized by ARoENd.

Executive President ARoENd


date: 24.02.2022