Members living in the country shall wire in Lei equivalent at the BNR exchange rate on the payment day, into the account RO59RNCB0067004779290001 opened at BCR, Dr. Felix branch

Members from abroad shall wire the fees in EUR into the account RO30RNCB0318004779290001 opened at BCR, Dr. Felix branch

ARoENd members Fees afferent to 2020 
Legal person
up to 10 employees 100 EUR
between 11 and 50 employees 150 EUR
between 51 and 150 employees 200 EUR
between 151 and 500 employees 250 EUR
between 501 and 1000 employees 300 EUR
over 1000 400 EUR
Education institutes 50 EUR
Members from abroad or representations in Romania 250 EUR
Natural person
Active members 15 EUR
Associate member 5 EUR
Associate member from abroad 50 EUR