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Quality policy

Romanian Association of Non-Destructive Examinations - ARoENd - is a professional, non-for-profit, non-governmental and independent association.

ARoENd has its own operating status, being headquartered at no. 7, Soldanului Street, bl.137, sc. A, apart. 4, sect 4, Bucharest, fiscal code RO 6222677.

Since 1998, an independent certification body has been established within ARoENd that has operated for personnel certification in the field of non-destructive testing, called DEPARTAMENT OF CERTIFICATION-ARoENd, abbreviated DC- ARoENd, located at the association address.

The Steering Committee of DC - ARoENd defined the Certification Department policy aiming to set up objectives targeted for the coming years.

The main DC objective is to develop a certification scheme of NDT personnel and to maintain and extend it to all NDT methods requested by the interested industrial areas.

DC - ARoENd has an administrative and organizational structure that complies with the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17024.

DC - ARoENd will not provide training or assistance for certification, ensuring a clear segregation between the two activities, training and assessment for certification.

No conditional link will be established between the certification and the training within ARoENd. Simultaneous publications of both activities will be strictly avoided.

DC - ARoENd is aiming to:

  • ensure the impartiality and non-discrimination against any person applying for certification or being already certified, as well as to their employees during all the certification process steps. This requirement has been demonstrated by the Board of Directors structure, in which all stakeholders are represented. The Department hierarchical chart provides to all stakeholders confidence in the competence, impartiality and integrity of the certification body;
  • ensure ethical and fair activities by using reasonable financial terms, accessible and acceptable for broad categories of applicants;
  • define, implement and manage the operating procedures for certification according to the requirements of the applicable standards without any limitation access to any categories of candidates, in the stages of the certification granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, renewing or its concerned revocation;
  • maintain certification will be dependent on the continuous surveillance of the certified persons activity, in connection with the strict use by employers only in the certification domains and to keep a high level of specialized training, too;
  • inform the interested parties about any changes occurring in the certification process;
  • provide human, material and financial resources for the optimal carrying out of the certification activities;
  • analyze the department activity and the goals achievement by monitoring and measurement of the management system processes in order to continuously improve;
  • maintain a continuous relationship with potential applicants to acknowledge their explicit and implicit requirements in order to develop the certification scheme for new sectors and areas of interest for customers, and to satisfy all interested parties;
  • ensure an adequate level of competence and motivation of the department staff involved in the certification process and an adequate technical condition of the teaching material used, too.

As representative of top-management, I commit to apply suitable measures to develop and implement the quality management system, to continuously improve its efficiency and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers' requirements. I will ensure impartiality of the certification process to applicants, candidates or persons certified by the Certification Department policy and procedures. Any conflict of interest or limitation of non impartiality, actual or potential, will be identified, analyzed and consequently eliminated or minimized. The certification body policy will be made public on the ARoENd website and will be disseminated in the symposia organized by the association.

Eng. Adrian Stanciu, President of ARoENd