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The procedure to handle appeals and complaints

  1. Handling calls against DC-ARoENd decisions is performed by the Board of Appeals, established under CD-DC-ARoENd, made up of 3 persons elected by the General Assembly of ARoENd and competent in the field of certification. The members of the Board of Appeals are not part of the Executive Committee of the Department of Certification.
  2. If the applicant’s access to the qualification exam is refused or if it is denied the extension of the validity period by renewal or recertification, he/she can submit a written complaint against the DC decisions, which will be submitted to the DC-ARoENd secretariat in the attention of the Appeal Committee. Each complaint will be accompanied (if applicable) by the written communication received by the applicant, who has been informed of the reasons for the sanctions or rejection from the exam.
  3. The Appeal Committee reviews the claim within 15 days, by majority decision and communicates it to CD-DC-ARoENd.
  4. The Appeal Committee decision is final and it is communicated to the claimant by CD-DC-ARoENd within 15 days from the issuing date by the Board of Appeals.
  5. CD-DC-ARoENd reviews annually the calls and complaints situation registered and establishes corrective measures and/or corrective/preventive actions in order to minimize the consequences of possible nonconformities, to prevent their recurrence and assesses the effectiveness of the corrective/preventive actions for continuous improvement of the certification process. The analysis also refers to impartiality of handling and of solving calls without the possibility of discriminatory action against the caller.
  6. Complaints against DC – ARoENd are made in writing and are submitted to the DC-ARoENd secretariat, in the attention of DC Director (or his deputy, if DC Director was involved in subject of the complaint).
  7. The DC – ARoENd Director shall review and solve any complaints against DC within 15 days, e.g. improper organization of exams, lack of impartiality, invalidation of certificates, etc. The analysis will be impartial and constructive without the possibility of discriminatory action against the complainant.
  8. The complaints solutions shall be communicated in writing to the petitioners within 30 days from the date the complaint was submitted.
  9. If a person holding an expertise certificate issued by the DC-ARoENd uses in an abusive form the certificate, as provided in section 10, it shall be withdrawn the certificate, which is invalid.
  10. The complaints can be made by DC-ARoENd personnel after the findings resulted from the inspections realized with the purpose of supervising the certified personnel or they can be made by third parties or by the employer of the certified person.
  11. The complaints against certified persons are made in writing and submitted to the DC-ARoENd secretariat, in the attention of the DC Director (or his deputy, if DC Director was involved in subject of the complaint).
  12. ARoENd President decides the certificate invalidation, renewal or recertification only after the decision was approved by the CD-DC-ARoENd
  13. The decision shall give in writing to the person concerned.