The Romanian Association for NonDestructive Examinations - ARoENd was established in 1990 as a professional, scientific, non-governmental and independent association with the main aim to promote and protect the non-destructive testing activity in Romania, as well as the promotion of all national and international norms by all its members protection of work, hygiene and the protection of the environment.

About 200 Romanian specialists joined the association, and in 1994 we organized with the support of SC SIDERURGICA SA, in Hunedoara, on May 11-13, the first National Symposium with international participation.

The symposiums from Călimăneşti-Căciulata followed in 1995 with the support of S.C.VILMAR S.A., Mamaia 1996 with the support of S.C. PETROMIDIA S.A., Poiana Braşov 1997 and 1998, etc.

We remembering with joy that between 12.06-14.06.2013, the XXth edition of the International Symposium of the Association took place in Mamaia, a resort on the Black Sea coast. At the opening ceremony of the Symposium a number of 27 Romanian and foreign specialists and companies received Diplomas of Excellence for their activities in the field of non-destructive examinations, personnel training, support in ARoENd activity.

By this way, we want to thank all those who have supported us physically, morally, materially and especially spiritually to reach the XXIVth ARoENd Symposium, which took place in Mamaia from 14.06-16.06.2017.

Taking in balance these years, we can appreciate that more than 100 Romanian and foreign specialists participated in ARoENd Symposia each year, a favorable occasion for presenting technical communications of great interest and a good opportunity for the companies to exhibit their novelties in the domain of endowment, materials and accessories for non-destructive examinations.

The scientific novelty and the progress made in non-destructive examinations have been gathered with the practical reality. During these years, we have been interested in better informing Romanian specialists about the novelties in the domain and we have succeeded in some editions of the ARoENd Symposium to launch translations of recognized specialists from abroad as well as works in the field of non-destructive examinations of Romanian authors.

In 1998, we were able to create within the ARoENd a Certification Department as an independent personnel certification body that has the administrative and organizational structure, meeting the requirements of SR EN ISO / CEI 17024: 2012 and which certifies personnel in non-destructive examinations according to SR EN ISO 9712: 2013.

On 22.01.2015 the renewal of the accreditation ARoENd received PS 012 certificate, by which the Romanian Accreditation Association -RENAR, recognized as National Accreditation Body by GO 23/2009, attests that the ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION OF NONDESTRUCTIVE EXAMINATIONS - ARoENd through CERTIFICATION DEPARTMENT-DC-ARoENd meets the requirements of SR EN ISO / CEI 17024: 2012 and is competent to perform CERTIFICATION OF PERSONS according to SR EN ISO 9712: 2013.

On 25.01.2017 ARoENd received the accreditation certificate ON 059, by which the Romanian Accreditation Association-RENAR, recognized as National Accreditation Body by GO 23/2009, certifies that the ROMANIAN NONDESTRUCTIVE ASSOCIATION - ARoENd through the CERTIFICATION DEPARTMENT -DC-ARoENd fulfills the requirements of SR EN ISO / CEI 17024: 2012 and is competent to carry out the specific conformity assessment tasks provided for in GD 123/2015 with subsequent amendments and transpositions transposing the European Directive 214/68 / EU.

Until 20.04.2018 a number of 1431 persons were certified in the fields of ultrasound, penetrating radiation, penetrating liquids, magnetoscopy, eddy currents, visuals for level 1, 2 and 3, 496 certificates being valid.

An important number of people certified by ARoENd are currently working abroad, proving their competence and professionalism through their quality of work. We have colleagues working in Norway, China, Egypt, the Netherlands, Austria, etc., and are valued as very good specialists in non-destructive examinations.

From 11.06-15.06.2018, the 12th European Conference NDT will take place in Gothenburg-Sweden, where, ARoENd will participate with an exhibition stand!

We intend to take the necessary steps to accredit our journal at European level. Any suggestion or support from you, members of the association, would be welcome. We want to make the official launching of the NONDESTRUCTIVE EXAMINATION journal no. 1 (9) / 2018 at the European Conference in Gothenburg.

PLEASE join us!

We invite the experts in the field of non-destructive examinations from Romania and foreign countries, managers and all interested persons to participate in this technical-scientific manifestation of our association.