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According to the decision of Steering Committee dated 11.01.2019 , taking note of the deces of Mr. Stanciu Adrian, the management positions will...

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The Steering Committee and the Executive Board of the Romanian Association for NonDestructive Examinations - ARoENd addresses all those who are members of the association, individuals and legal persons, managers of state and private economic agents, as well as to all persons or companies interested in non-destructive examination in Romania and foreign countries.


The Romanian Association for NonDestructive Examinations – ARoENd expresses it's profound regret for the unexpected deces of Mr. Stanciu Adrian, the Executive President of ARoENd.

Adrian Staciu

Participant in the Association's life since its inception, Mr. Adrian Stanciu has fully dedicated to ARoENd's activity since becoming executive president.

Under his presidency, the Romanian Association of Non-Destructive Examinations enlarged it’s contributions in the field.

Let’s mention some of the relevant achievements of this period :

  • Organization of an annual symposium with international participation
  • ARoENd’s enrollment and participation in EFNDT (European Federation for Non Destructive Testing) and ICNDT (The International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing)
  • The setting up of the Certification Department as an independent personnel certification body with administrative and organizational structure according to the requirements of SR EN ISO / CEI 17024: 2012 for personnel' certifying in accordance with SR EN ISO 9712: 2013
  • Editing the "Non-Destructive Examinations" magazine, with biannual editions

The Steering Committee aims to continue, with the support of ARoENd's members, the activites initiated by Mr. Adrian Stanciu regarding the development of the organization both nationally and internationally

Requiescat in pace!

From Mr. David Gilbert -CEng MInstNDT MIET, CEO, BINDT, General Secretary ICNDT; Secretary General EFNDT  , message sent to Ms. Adriana Savin related to this regrettable disappearance


I am very saddened to hear this news. Adrian was a dear friend and colleague and a great supporter of international cooperation and collaboration through EFNDT and ICNDT - and also of the dissemination of technical research information in NDT through Insight. Even through language difficulties, Adrian was able to communicate his enthusiasm to me. He was a great ambassador for ARoENd. He will be sadly missed. On behalf of all of the above, please pass on our deepest condolences to friends, family and colleagues.


Kind regards,